Addressing Recent Defamations from Various Sites:

An orchestrated campaign of fake news

It has come to our attention that a spate of fake articles has been published in recent weeks with the clear intent of defaming Omega Prime Group and its partners.

Normally we wouldn’t take the time to bother responding to such frivolous activities, however, after the issue was raised by several of our members, we thought it prudent to nip this in the bud in order to quell their concerns.

Luckily, addressing these fake articles is a trivial task. Looking into them with just a little scrutiny is enough to reveal their obviously fraudulent nature.

Let’s begin with the article titled, “Omega Prime’s Key Leaders Detained in Thailand Over Allegations of Money Laundering” by Naowarat Pongpantha, published on on July 20th, 2019.

There’s so much ridiculous about this article, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with the basic facts:

Firstly, the article claims that Omega Prime Group CEO Atiwat Phooklai has been detained by Thai authorities on suspicions of money laundering and fraudulent activities. In fact, Mr. Phooklai has not been detained by Thai or any other authorities, nor is their any record of him ever being detained.

Next, in the article it is claimed that the “Bank of Thailand (BOT) Thailand’s central bank launched an official investigation on Omega Prime and Mr Phooklai on suspected money laundering and fraudulent financial activities.” The Bank of Thailand does not launch criminal investigations; that’s the job of the Royal Thai Police. The amateur nature of this hit piece should make it patently obvious that it was fabricated by our detractors.

Moving on, the venue of publication for this article, is clearly not an authentic news site. A quick look at its landing page shows a site that doesn’t properly load and is full of article headlines that have nothing to do with the world of crypto:

This is a hastily pasted together fake news site that, as we’ll see, is part of a ring of fake news sites.

The author of the above hit-piece, Naowarat Pongpantha, is claimed to be a “banking and financial professional who like (sic) to write about potential investment scams during his free time.”

However, a quick search of Naowarat Pongpantha finds no other articles written under his name, and no record of his history as a “banking and financial professional” – a title so vague, by the way, that it’s obvious the real writer of this hit-piece wasn’t paid enough to come up with something a little more concrete and realistic.

Next, let’s move on to an article published on a site called Market Talk News ( This article is a word-for-word copy of the previous one, also titled identically “Omega Prime’s Key Leaders Detained in Thailand Over Allegations of Money Laundering.” The copy and paste nature of this article is the first warning sign that both the article and the platform it is published on are fake. Real journalistic publications do republish identical content from other sites. Doing so taints their journalistic reputation and damages their Alexa and Google search rankings.

A quick look into this website easily reveals that it’s another fake. The site is made to look like a real market news site, but it could only pass that standard to the truly unobservant reader. Again, a look at the landing page of this website, reveals images that don’t load and articles that appear to be algorithmically generated:

With a little further investigation, we find that both and appear to part of the same group of poorly developed fake news sites. Further evidence for this lies in the fact that the sites have recycled images for their “team” of writers and editors., which has just three team members, has listed a woman by the name of Laurel Sims as a contributor:, meanwhile, has listed a woman by the name of Laurel Mackey as a contributor:

As you can see, the picture is the same for both Laurels, but the last name and bio are different; sloppy work from a sloppy ring of fake news.

The fact that two identical articles have been published in two fake news websites that have a clear and obvious connection, indicates that there is a coordinated attempt to defame Omega Prime Group and its stakeholders. In the fact, the evidence is point to a ring of fake sites that serves as a dumping ground for fabricated content.

Let’s move on to the article titled “Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority Investigates Omega Prime on Allegations of Fake Investment Schemes” and published in by Riady Tjandra on July 21, 2019.

Regarding the content of this article, much like the article alleging the detainment of Omega Prime Group CEO Atiwat Phooklai, this is a complete fabrication. There is no record of Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority Investigating Omega Prime.

A little digging again reveals that this website is also part of the same ring of fake news sites. The evidence for this lies in the fact that, again, the landing page for the site features algorithmically generated content with corresponding images that don’t actually load:

Further, we find the same pattern of fake authors filling out the fake team. For example, take the listed contributor named Catherine Durant:

A reverse image search on Catherine’s photo reveals that she’s also listed as a contributor on several other sites, all of which are part of the same ring of fake information. Here she is listed as Samanta Richardson, with a different fabricated bio:

The above site,, contains the same algorithmically generated filler content as the previous sites. Again, the aim here is to provide the appearance of a real journalistic site, with apparently researched content. A closer examination of the content, however, reveals its random, algorithmically generated nature. These sites are click-farms that also serve as a dumping ground for people looking to publish fake news.

Further proving the point, here Samanta – or is Catherine? – is listed as Annabella Cook, on a different site and again, with a different bio: is also an amalgamation of repurposed content written under fake bylines.

The article titled “Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority Investigates Omega Prime on Allegations of Fake Investment Schemes” also appears in exactly the same form on another site titled that is again, part of the same ring of websites purveying disinformation. The pattern is the same: algorithmically generated content and fake authors whose images appear on other sites but with different names and bios.

Publishing a hit piece thrown into this mix is effective because for people researching a new product, all it takes is a negative article or two to scare them away. Few people bother to look into the sites these fake articles are published.

We find the exact same pattern with other hit-pieces against Omega Prime. The article titled “Warnings: Omega Prime Group and Hashtechz is a Ponzi scheme; avoid investing with them at all cost by Wayne Peters” is published in and in the exact same form. Both of these websites fit the identical pattern as above.


Thanks to our visionary investment thesis and proactive marketing approach, Omega Prime Group has achieved remarkable success in a short time. As any successful person knows, one of the first signs of success is the rise of detractors. In our case, the detractors – unable to emulate our success – have taken to defamation out of desperation. The above examination clearly shows that they have orchestrated a campaign of fake news, likely outsourcing it to a fake news ring that specializes in exactly this service. Our competition, upset it appears by the defection of some of their top sales managers to our team, appear to have embarked on this campaign of misinformation.

We hope our rebuttal provides our current members with some piece of mind. As for prospective members, we hope you take the time to look a little more carefully into allegations made against Omega Prime Group.


Justin Hale
CEO Omega Prime Group